Dan's Garage
      Collectable & Restorable Chevrolet & GM cars, trucks, & parts from the 40's to the 80's

508 E. Bruneau Ave.     Kennewick, WA 99336
E-mail:        (509) 586-2579 
Tuesday - Friday 10-6       Saturday 10-3       Closed Sunday & Monday


Major CreditCards Accepted            
Visa, Discover & Master Cards Accepted            

Tour the Yard

Take a tour of Dan's Garage inside in The Store, outside in The Yard, and all around the Project Car lot.   Click on any small image to enlarge and see what you can find!  Start with the inside of Dan's office, tour through the garage bays and around the sheltered storage  Then take a look at what's outside the shop, in the yard and finish off with a look around the car lot.
Inside Dan's Garage - The Store
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Contact Dan if you see something you like.

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Outside Dan's Garage - The Yard

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Now take a look at the outside...
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The Project Car Lot 

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Now take a look at the Project Car Lot...

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To schedule an up close and personal tour, contact Dan at:  today!


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