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is currently the oldest still-active American automotive make, and among the oldest automobile brands in the world.  It originated as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company in 1899, incorporating into the Buick Motor Company in 1903.

The first Buick for sale to the public was the Model B, in 1904. There were 37 Buicks made that year, none of which survived. There are, however, two reproduction: the 1904 endurance car (Buick Gallery & Research Center in Flint, MI) and a Model B (California for the division's 100th anniversary).

Overall domestic sales of the Buick brand peaked in 1984.  Buick began consolidating its lines in 2005, eventually reducing to just three models, LaCrosse, Lucerne and Enclave.

  • Apollo
    The Buick Apollo is a compact car and shared it's platform Oldsmobile Omega, Chevrolet Nova, and the Pontiac Ventura.
  • Electra
    The Electra 225 name was because of the car's overall length of over 225 inches, earning it the street name of "deuce and a quarter."
  • LeSabre
    For many years, the LeSabre was considered the entry level (full-sized) Buick, carrying the lowest base price in the line.
  • Regal
    The Buick Regal was considered a mid-size car starting in the 1973 model year with production through 2004.
  • Riviera
    The Riviera by Buick was produced in the United States from the 1963 to 1999 with over a million cars rolling off the lines.
  • Roadmaster
    Between 1946 and 1957 the Roadmaster served as Buick's flagship, as it did when it was resurrected for the 1991 through 1996 model years.
  • Skylark / Gran Sport
    The Buick Skylark model was made in six different production runs.The Gran Sport option became available in mid 1965 for the three two-door Skylark models.
  • Special
    The Buick Special was Buick's lowest-priced model, starting as a full-size car in 1936 - 1959 then returning in 1961.
  • Super
    The Buick Super was considered a full sized model that was produced from 1940 through the 1958 model years with the exception of during WWII.
  • Wildcat
    The Buick Wildcat was only produced from 1963 to 1970. However, in 1962 the Wildcat was labeled as the Invicta subseries.
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